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investment packages

engagement sessions $500+

you two + me, 4-hour session, 60+ downloadable photo gallery

*$100 off if engagement session is combined with another package.

intimate elopements $1000+

you two + me + 2 more, 6-hour session, 100+ downloadable gallery

small wedding <50 people $2300+

50 people maximum, 10-hour session, 500+ downloadable gallery

large wedding 50-150 people $3000+

150 people maximum, 10-hour session, 1000+ downloadable gallery

will add $1,000 travel stipend for any shoot outside Colorado

I understand that weddings are expensive and “package deals” add up quickly. We are all balling on a budget - myself included so PLEASE reach out to me EVEN IF my pricing seems beyond your budget.

All of my packages can be customized and catered to your needs. I am a human first and foremost and after all, we ALL need dope photos of the most important days of our lives.

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Amanda Piela

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